Week 6 Post

About. me

I like my about.me page! The” landing pages” or the online business cards can be the first place where people get started to know each other. I have not made a lot of changes. The biggest difference is the  outlets I added, which is an great idea kind of coming from last week’s assignment of post and different accounts we have created. The landing page can also serve as a dashboard page!

The other significant change is the “tags”   After using Diigo, Pinterest, and Twitter…., I found “tag” is such an important and great invention in the Internet world. It helps people find right things or people of the same interest  just in seconds  and get connected with those. How amazing!  It also helps us in organizing information.

WordPress Blog

I have spend a lot time changing and selecting the theme of my blog but still can find a right one! Anyway, the improvement is the use of “categories” and “tags”. Also, besides the previous gadgets embedded like “about.me page” and “avatar”, I added more widgets of social media outlets and “tag cloud”. All these make things connected together.



Week 4 Post

Part 1. My information dashboard and loop

It is a little overwhelming but it is really fun to explore many different online tools!  I have not though that one day I will need to draw my own information flow loop.

I have tried Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Netvibes, Ifttt , Twitter and Google Reader, and created a recipe directing wordpress blog posts to twitter. I like IFTTT ‘s “recipe” idea and service, which can make two different platforms/channels communicate. (IF this then that) I am also trying to get familiar with Hootsuite and Netvibes and will decide which will work best for me. I hope by the end of this semester, I will be able to draw an organized map.

Part 2. Aggregation vs. Curation

(picture from : http://blog.lingospot.com/bid/115777/Aggregation-vs-Curation-Which-is-Right-for-You)

Aggregation: to collect information (public -oriented )

Tools: Google reader(RSS), e-mail subscription like SmartBrief, (maybe Diigo, paper.li, Delicious)

Curation: to maintain, select, preserve, and archive information. Make judgments, organization, decision (individual- oriented )

Tools: Pearltree, scoop.it, Livebinder, Pinterest (Diigo, paper.li, Delicious)

I also found the following articles interesting to me.

1. related to education settings


2. I have “scoop.it” , “Livebinder” and “pearltree” accounts but I seldom use them. In terms of “aggregation and curation”, they might be good tools like Diigo. Here is a collection of articles regarding curation.


3.Curation tools


4.Curaiton tools


5. iPad apps for web curation