Pitfalls and Opportunities of the Internet

Through our in-class discussion on Monday and from all the videos and blog posts, I found the world today is not just a physical network but also a virtual network. I have learned that the Internet can build our brands but can also harm our reputation. I believe it is important to make sure the balance between public and private.

In my personal experiences, I am often pushed by friends to apply social networking tools I am using now, like Facebook. In the early stage of using Facebook, I did not feel it is appealing to me. However, the reason why I am still on it is that I do not want to be disconnected. I would like to know what is happening in the world. The more I use, the more addictive it is. Sometimes, I have to spend more than one hour just scrolling down the page to see the endless news feed. Therefore, I really agree with what Mr. Mangat said “Avoid being always on” After I have my iPhone, I can not stop checking my email every 30 mins. It distracts me and I could not concentrate on what I have to do now. It is better to set specific time.

I am also impressed by the TED talk from Eli Pariser about the information and different search results we receive from search engines, Facebook, or news media.  In the digital era, information is overwhelming. We can take advantages of filters but  we should be also aware of where the resources are and the quality of information as professor Timmins said.

As Mr. Mangan mentioned, web 2.0 tools can also help us improve our communication and collaboration with colleagues, and  increase our productivity. I have not used these tools, such as Hootsuite, Pidgin, and Doodle as well as some great tools shared in class and on the web. Definitely I can start to try them out now!