Week 8 Post : LMS vs. Edupunk

I do not see these two ideas conflicting. Personally, I like the ideas of “Edupunk” : DIY learning attitude, taking the responsibility of learning and the process of learning. It seems that learners can have more creativity and innovation in Edupunk practices. I also believe that Edupunk idea can also be incorporated into instruction design in schools. It is a chance!

For me, the key is the balance between openness and privacy. PLN, DIY learning, MOOC, and Edupunk all have their advantages in connection, communication, community, creativity and comparison. Many educators also have utilized social networking sites as their LMS and put their materials online.

However, working in educational institutes, I will stick with LMS. What I care about is the privacy and  the Internet safety. Most LMS now have integrated social media features in the system(wiki, blog, chat room, and forum) The advantage of LMS is the function of monitoring the learning process and gathering data. Students can also find things in one organized place at their own learning pace. I kind of identify with Edupunk in its flexibility, free, openness, collaboration and networked connection and will definitely take advantages of LMS in its assignment/grading/attendance feature, and privacy for students’ work .

So, what is next /future ? I think LMS will tend to be more open and connected… Due to the development of emerging technologies and the popularity of  PLE/ PLN, Edupunk is  defining what true learning is and  going beyond the boundaries of informal and formal learning .


Week 7 Post-DIY Learning

As a student coming from the background of education in educational  technology program, I always seek the opportunities to learn more about computer science, and information technology  like web authoring, basic programming, server system management, or Internet network, which can be helpful and useful for my future career path.  When someone is talking about IT stuff, at least I can pick up some terms 🙂

  • iTunes U : “Intro to  Computer Science” I recently started to  download and learn with a course on iTunes U offered by Harvard University.  There is a wide variety of courses on iTunes U to choose from.
  • MIT Open Courseware : Introduction to Computer Science and Programming.  After taking this course, I begin to pay attention on MOOC. What a great idea!
  • Some Social media and Facebook/blogs