Week 4 Post

Part 1. My information dashboard and loop

It is a little overwhelming but it is really fun to explore many different online tools!  I have not though that one day I will need to draw my own information flow loop.

I have tried Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Netvibes, Ifttt , Twitter and Google Reader, and created a recipe directing wordpress blog posts to twitter. I like IFTTT ‘s “recipe” idea and service, which can make two different platforms/channels communicate. (IF this then that) I am also trying to get familiar with Hootsuite and Netvibes and will decide which will work best for me. I hope by the end of this semester, I will be able to draw an organized map.

Part 2. Aggregation vs. Curation

(picture from : http://blog.lingospot.com/bid/115777/Aggregation-vs-Curation-Which-is-Right-for-You)

Aggregation: to collect information (public -oriented )

Tools: Google reader(RSS), e-mail subscription like SmartBrief, (maybe Diigo, paper.li, Delicious)

Curation: to maintain, select, preserve, and archive information. Make judgments, organization, decision (individual- oriented )

Tools: Pearltree, scoop.it, Livebinder, Pinterest (Diigo, paper.li, Delicious)

I also found the following articles interesting to me.

1. related to education settings


2. I have “scoop.it” , “Livebinder” and “pearltree” accounts but I seldom use them. In terms of “aggregation and curation”, they might be good tools like Diigo. Here is a collection of articles regarding curation.


3.Curation tools


4.Curaiton tools


5. iPad apps for web curation