Tool Exploration Project—Educreations

Educreations is an online tool almost like “Show me” which allows  you to record your lessons online with your computers or on you iPads and share lessons to your students. You can also search lessons in the community.

Educreations V.S. Show me


1. Educreations can work both on Computers and iPads. (Showme works only on iPads)

2. Students can create accounts enrolled in teachers’ courses.  Therefore, teachers can track when students log in.

3. Organization: School/course/lesson

4. More than one pages.


1. less color inks to choose

2. Social networking is not well developed.

How to use Educreations: I have used Jing to record the instructions.

1. sign up an account

2.School –Course–Lessons

3. Get familiar with the environment

4.Create a lesson and save



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