Flipped Classroom Social Media

I know many of you might have already heard about the term “Flipping your classroom” or  called “reversed instruction” or ” inverted classroom” in some articles.  The “Flipped Classroom model” is  one specific type of blended learning. I am doing some research about this topic so I wish I can share some here. It is a Free week! Any comments, thoughts, and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Hopefully, some teachers  can share what they are actually doing in schools, or what they see other teachers doing this approach.

After taking this course, I started to pay attention on Social media/personal learning network.  This is the only community I have found so far  talking about flipped classroom practice. This is really helpful! Many teachers shares what works or not works in their classrooms.


(I am interested in its application in K-12 settings. Maybe it is a good place to start “snowball sampling” ??)

Other great resources: http://www.scoop.it/t/flipping-good

You might be familiar with this ….but it does a great job explaining the concept.


One thought on “Flipped Classroom Social Media

  1. While I have not personally “flipped” a class yet, I do love the idea! I have been toying with the notion throughout this semester, but I think one has to be careful to choose the correct course for flipping. I’m feeling that project-based courses would best fit this style as there can be somewhat intricate understandings, within certain courses, that shouldn’t get inadvertently skipped in the learning process. What do you think?

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