Week 4 Post

Part 1. My information dashboard and loop

It is a little overwhelming but it is really fun to explore many different online tools!  I have not though that one day I will need to draw my own information flow loop.

I have tried Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Netvibes, Ifttt , Twitter and Google Reader, and created a recipe directing wordpress blog posts to twitter. I like IFTTT ‘s “recipe” idea and service, which can make two different platforms/channels communicate. (IF this then that) I am also trying to get familiar with Hootsuite and Netvibes and will decide which will work best for me. I hope by the end of this semester, I will be able to draw an organized map.

Part 2. Aggregation vs. Curation

(picture from : http://blog.lingospot.com/bid/115777/Aggregation-vs-Curation-Which-is-Right-for-You)

Aggregation: to collect information (public -oriented )

Tools: Google reader(RSS), e-mail subscription like SmartBrief, (maybe Diigo, paper.li, Delicious)

Curation: to maintain, select, preserve, and archive information. Make judgments, organization, decision (individual- oriented )

Tools: Pearltree, scoop.it, Livebinder, Pinterest (Diigo, paper.li, Delicious)

I also found the following articles interesting to me.

1. related to education settings


2. I have “scoop.it” , “Livebinder” and “pearltree” accounts but I seldom use them. In terms of “aggregation and curation”, they might be good tools like Diigo. Here is a collection of articles regarding curation.


3.Curation tools


4.Curaiton tools


5. iPad apps for web curation



2 thoughts on “Week 4 Post

  1. Ethan,

    I was browsing through some of the links you added into your blog, and one of the links on the scoop.it site really caught my eye: the picture of the fire hydrant with water spewing out with the caption “Getting information off the Internet is like trying to take a drink from a fire hydrant.” I do feel that way sometimes. So much information is coming at me, it’s hard to get a little bit of it without getting drenched (i.e. overwhelmed.) Even a simple Google search typically results in thousands of replies, but that’s not even ALL of it, thanks to the filter bubble. Some of the tools we learned about this week have been helpful in satisfying my need for information without getting drowned in the process.

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